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"Sultry Urban Nights"-in Print!

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I'm excited to announce that my first anthology, entitled "Sultry Urban Nights," is now available in print at and Previously available only in electronic format, these steamy tales of erotic romance have now been combined for a paperback collection. See how the nights come alive in three stories of after-hours romance in the most exciting city on the planet!

Below, you'll find blurbs about each novella included in the anthology, plus reviews, and a sexy excerpt from "My Comic Valentine."
Please enjoy, and visit to order single titles in e-format, or the printed version containing all three.
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Three strong, beautiful women have ambitious dreams for getting ahead in New York City. Their dance along the scorching paths of love, lust and career fills them with delicious discovery about what each is willing to do—-or not-—in realizing their desires.
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"Urban Ambrosia"
The heat soars in the kitchen when Chef Anthony and bartender Marla Casey ignite their passion—until past mistakes threaten to douse their sizzling romance…

Reviewer Jayna Gardner at Romance Divas gave “Urban Ambrosia” 4 ½ Kisses and said:
“Urban Ambrosia” is a delightful read, which takes the reader on an interesting ride from beginning to end. Good character set-up, great dialogue and descriptions are among some of the things that made “Urban Ambrosia” shine for me.
* * *

"Private Audition"
Aspiring actress Janessa Jergen crosses a line when she joins a ménage à trois with a famous film director and his kinky starlet girlfriend…

Tammy, from Fallen Angels Reviews, gave “Private Audition” 4 Angels and noted:
“This story is packed with hot, erotic moments from beginning to end and includes a little something for everyone!”

Tara at TwoLips Reviews gave “Private Audition” 4 Lips:
“Shara Bloodstone creates a sincere plot with realistic characters that are believable. I highly recommend “Private Audition” and enjoyed reading it.”
* * *

"My Comic Valentine"
Grad student Penny Foster, immersed in French history while waiting tables at the city’s hottest comedy club, is torn between lust and love with her brilliant professor and a rising stand-up comic…

Reviewer Tyna, from Coffee Time Romance, graced “My Comic Valentine” with 4 Cups:
“Ms. Bloodstone has created a very inventive story that will capture the imagination as it takes you on the journey of one woman’s life and love. Creative characters and witty dialogue keep you entertained. The story has a few twists and turns to keep you guessing. A fantastic book to end the day.”

Excerpt from "My Comic Valentine":

Penny’s skin heated up as he ran his hand further down the terry cloth encasing her body. From her breasts, he slid his hand over her belted waist, and on down to caress her abdomen and thigh…
She basked like a great cat beneath the stroking of her master’s hand, enticed, yet not moving a muscle. She heard Bobby’s breathing deepen as he stroked the curves of her body, and she looked at the arousal beneath his own robe.
“If I was a cat, I’d be purring right now,” she said huskily.
“I thought you were purring.”
She chuckled. “Wait—I think you’re right.”
He slid his right hand up inside the robe’s lapels and caressed her neck. She arched her chin up in a feline gesture that begged for more.
“I want to take my time. Do you mind?”
“No,” she mumbled, “why would I mind? This feels great. I don’t want to rush anything.”
“After thinking about you all these months, imagining what it’s like to be with you…I don’t want to rush the real thing.”
He slipped his hand further inside her robe. She grew hotter as his hand closed to encompass the roundness of her breast. He clasped her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, swirling them around its tip, squeezing and releasing repeatedly. She reached her arms up to embrace and kiss him.
He pulled back, unlatching her arms. “No, wait,” he murmured, “not yet. Let me.”
“But I want to feel you—”
“You will.”
She obeyed, dropping back to the pillows as he reached for her belt. He loosened it, opening the robe just enough to reveal part of her chest and belly. He ran the back of his hand along her golden skin before pushing her lapels apart for full exposure of her breasts.
“Mmm,” he said in a pleased voice. “They’re more beautiful than I’d imagined.”
“You imagined them?”
“Oh, yeah. I’m not kidding—I thought of you a lot while I was gone. I often fantasized about you.”
She said nothing, only arched her back up as an invitation for him to take her flesh. He complied by grasping the lapels of her robe and yanking the robe away, pulling it down her back and arms. The rush of cool air against her hot skin made her nipples pucker. Bobby smiled, massaged her breasts, and lowered his mouth to taste her.
* * *

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