Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Adults Only: Hot New eBook Release!

I'd like to announce my latest release with Amber Quill Press, entitled, "My Comic Valentine."
Set in New York City, it's a short romantica novel, contemporary, with some steamy, sexy scenes that happen in public places--as well as in private!

This excerpt is just a tasty morsel--please go to, if you want to order the complete ebook. Enjoy!

…He nuzzled himself between her legs and reached down behind her to clasp a hand under each side of her ass. Holding her buttocks, he tilted her upward and leaned himself into her. She clung to his neck for support and opened her legs wider, tilting back. In the balmy heat of Indian summer, they pulled in frustration at each other’s garments, sweating and panting their way down to a horizontal position on the cool stone wall.
Penny thought she might lose her mind with desire. She released an arm from Bobby’s neck to slide her hand down over his crotch. He backed away just enough to let her grab his shaft through the denim of his jeans.
“Mmm…baby,” he muttered, “right there.”
Their lips parted an inch while Penny concentrated on pushing and pulling him through the fly of his pants. A sweat bead trickled down the side of Bobby’s face as her hand slid up to his waistline. She popped the metal button from its loop, yanked down the zipper and slipped in her hand. When she felt his massive hard-on through his underwear, her pussy tingled and her brain rushed with electricity. She wanted to rip off her own slacks and panties and pull his cock inside of her, right there and then. Her hand eased down toward the top of his underwear.Just as she felt his pubic hairs brush her skin, she also felt Bobby’s hand close around her wrist. She squinted up at him and, through the haze of erotic excitement, tried to figure out why he was stopping her…

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