Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Release a Bestseller: "Gift With Purchase"



I didn't expect my story about two beautiful men of the gay persuasion to hit the Amber Allure best seller list, but--there you have it! It came in at number three for the company, in January.

For the writing of "Gift With Purchase," I drew on my experience as a make-up artist and skin care specialist at some of the Fifth Avenue stores in NYC. As I built the two main characters for this sizzling story--Colin Welling and Tim Wilson--I focused on specific men I'd worked with in the industry over the years, and threw in a bit of movie star appeal for aesthetics. I imagined Colin Welling as a Cary Grant-type--a professional with dashing good looks and a smooth countenance. I modeled Tim Wilson on Orlando Bloom, imagining the star as a ballet dancer in the Masters program at the Tisch School of Arts.

And, boy, have Amber Allure readers responded to my recipe for man-love! I'm proud to be on the best-seller list as a result of this story, where love ultimately comes to dominate unbridled lust.

My latest release, "The Portal In The Park," is a foray into the adult fantasy realm. It's about a lovely spring day in the life of pretty ballerina Julie Daniels. Lost in strange woodland at Central Park, she experiences a lusty afternoon beyond her wildest expectations when she meets up with a faun and two nymphs!
Available at www.amberheat.com.

A current list of my ebooks includes:
The Portal In The Park
Gift With Purchase
Private Audition
My Comic Valentine
Urban Ambrosia

All are available at www.amberheat.com--look for Shara Bloodstone as author.

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